Suction gloves v1

Wearable suction gloves that allow you to hang to flat and not-so-flat surfaces

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In this project we develop a pair gloves that allow to hang to non porous surfaces holding the full weight of a human.

This project started developement after some articles I came across showing some wall climbing devices made with suction cups:

The idea is to recreate these techniques but in a smaller footprint, self contained device that is also easy and relatively cheap to build with simple tools. So for this project I only used a saw, a drill and a screwdriver, no CNC or laser cutters.

Every part of this project is exclusively hardware based, so no programming or micro controllers.

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    Cutting the plates

    For the platers i'm going to reuse the ones I cutted and drilled when I built and HHO generator (, the shape can be modified for better results but it is what I had at hand at that time.

    The corners are cut diagonally and three holes at the top and two at the bottom are drilled to hold the plate against the glove. An 8mm hole is cut in the center of the plate aswell for the tube to come out.

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    Cut and drill the brackets

    With the leftover metal from cutting the corners of the plate cut and drill some rectangular plates with the same hole distance as the top and bottom holes on the plate.

    This bracket will screw from the back and inside the glove to attach the plate to the glove.

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    Add screws and tube

    Bolt screws to the holes of the plate and insert the 8mm OD (Outer Diamater) tube in the center hole.

    Heat the tube to bend it as tight as possible and glue it in place, also add glue to the front of the plate to seal it.

    I used flat hexagonal screws so they dont stick out too much:

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