The field of view is 63° horizontal and vertical decided by 8x8 (h&v) for each "pixel" and reaches up to 2,55 m.

Based on this project:

The module consists of a sensor array with its 8x8, i.e. 64 pixels Laser technology distances can be measured quantitatively. The distance information thus generated is then encoded. Then this information is transferred as a haptic signal to a field of 8x8, i.e. 64 vibration motors. As a result, each measured distance (64) is transferred to a vibration intensity for one of 64 motors. With this method, both the distance, converted into the intensity of the vibration, and the spatial resolution in the form of haptic actuator placed over a large area (15x15cm) of the skin.

The sensor captures 8x8 (64) individual pixels of a field in front of it. The field of view (FOV) = 63° x 63°. The  angular resolution of a pixel is about 8° in vertical and horizontal plane.

Bench top Demo:

Testing 8x8 LIDAR to 8x8 Neopixels at 15 fps:

Testing 8x8 LIDAR to 8x8 Neopixels at only 5 fps (obviously the first test):