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A project log for DevTerm EXT Cartridge System

An EXT module for plug&play cartridge extensions powered by a Teensy4.0.

flipflip 09/16/2022 at 16:401 Comment

PCBWay reached out to sponsor this project by providing the next round of prototypes.

The newly arrived PCB, sponsored by PCBWay
The newly arrived PCB, logo wasn't required to be put on but I did it anyway

A big shoutout to Liam, the whole process was uncomplicated and fast.

Speaking of fast, the PCBs arrived within ten days, and production finished in 5 days without counting the Moon Festival.

I even received more than ordered, a total of 10. The color is a bit darker then the previous revision by JLCPCB, but it's very subtle.

The edge routing is clean and the specified thickness is spot on and fits the PCI-E slot as intended.

From a quality standpoint, I cannot complain. Even the silkscreen torture test came in legible. Each letter is 0.5x0.5mm², following is a microscope shot.

The classic text to put under a chip, perfectly readable especially at a distance.

The solder mask itself is without flaw: it is crisp and pads line up perfectly. This prototype went all out with the surface finish by using immersion gold, which looks nice and is guaranteed to last long.

Microscope shot of a tighter pitched component
Microscope shot of a tighter pitched component

All in all, I'm very happy about the quality of the PCBs and how fast they arrived. PCBWay is definitely recommended.


Andy Piper wrote 09/25/2022 at 22:22 point

this is great, watching with interest and excitement!

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