[M] Attempt9.1 Design

A project log for Tetent TimerSpy [gd0136]

A wearable PDA / smartwatch with a Tetent [gd0090] input method.

kelvinakelvinA 12/29/2022 at 21:401 Comment

This is the design I've come up with. I haven't got any chain covers because Finger5 essentially determines were all the other fingers land anyway, and seeing shiny ball-chains sliding as I'm typing probably looks cooler too. I should also note that Finger2 would've actually failed if I didn't take that diamond chamfer across the entire length.

I've rotated the Tetrinsics 180 degrees and added a ball-chain-zone solid to make sure that it all stays within the case, which is not something that could be said for Attempt9.0. 

In other news, I wore Attempt9.0 with my coat and that's when the reality of moving the screen up came into play. Basically, the top left corner doesn't allow the coat sleeve to go over, and since I need a battery wire exit point, I can't just remove the rectangular diamond and leave the 3 square diamonds so that the sleeve can go under the screen. I then looked into what my battery and screen options are, and it's back to a 480px 60Hz screen and only a 3Ah battery (2 x 1.5Ah). I imagine it'll certainly feel more portable though. It would essentially be the highlighted section:

Since I'm mainly using timers and writing project logs on this device, I could probably manage the screen downgrade fine, but losing 7Ah for a device that has many reasons to use quite a bit of power -- just for an "I'd probably get used to it" inconvinience isn't something I'm willing to stomach. As expected, 10Ah has a lot of bargaining power.


kelvinA wrote 12/29/2022 at 23:19 point

Seemingly out of nowhere, the DP2 has been printing fine and then encountering heater temp drops, causing Marlin to throw a thermal runaway. It printed Attempt9.0 fine yesterday. What changed??

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