[T] Concept Attempt9.1... fails.

A project log for Tetent TimerSpy [gd0136]

A wearable PDA / smartwatch with a Tetent [gd0090] input method.

kelvinakelvinA 12/30/2022 at 20:500 Comments

"Please tell me the solution passe-- the solution fails."

Finger5 is sadeningly short -- so short that it sometimes feels like it actually hasn't grown fully or like it's an extra digit that was there from birth.

Unfortunately, since my arm is in the way, I don't think I could get a solution for using the thumb either.

I was like "How was Concept A8 doing things?" and put it on, and now even that feels misaligned. Perhaps I just hoped it'll be an issue that slowly goes unnoticed, but the angle I need means that the screen is pointing near-45 degrees off axis to my eyes:

This, but with Concept Attempt8

Then I noticed that Tetrinsic 1.0 was much closer to the edge than now:

Oh and basically none of the 3 main fingers actually align. The 3.25mm drop on Finger4 is significant, and the distance between Finger2 and 3 can't seem to mesh, even though I brought them closer for that reason. Now they want to be further apart.

I think the complex but seemingly inescapable choice would be to actually have the Tetrinsics on a hinge that rotates 45 degrees such that the thumb can hold the hand and provide stability and the fingers can still reach the Tetrinsics:

At least the 93mm length and trimmed down green section make the device look more compact. I'd still likely go with the 98mm for that 10Ah (or maybe even 11.6/12Ah) battery. Obviously, being ergonomically viable is more important though.

Actually, trying literal air, it looks like Finger5 either takes an unobtainium 3mm Tetrinsic, or a normal tetrinsic at a 90 degree vertical (starting from the arm). It all makes sense now that I actually have an ergonomic location for the thumb. However, thinking up a solution that actually does that is very non-obvious. Maybe I've got to give Tetrinsic Gloves another thought?