[T] Thoughts after spending more time with the print

A project log for Tetent Timespy [gd0136]

A wearable PDA / smartwatch with a Tetent [gd0090] based input layout.

kelvinAkelvinA 08/14/2022 at 16:160 Comments

If I bend my thumb, I can reach the button, though it still needs to be extended out. I'm thinking of increasing the length of the Timespy to 95mm both for that and so that the left and right screen bezels are the same 9mm size.

I wore the Timespy under a long sleeved jumper and the sleeve had no issue going over it. While the equal bezels looks nicer than the alternative (see below), it also means that less screen would be visible when a sleeve is over it so it would look bulkier in practice.
While the LCD keys are nice, the extended thumb button won't allow for it. I also still haven't been able to compute a solution that lets me access the adjustment screws. I was also thinking about using force sensors on the upper and bottom edge of the keys to detect where a key was pressed, but that is unlikely to work when using the keys as sliders. Highly sensitive capacitive sliders still seems like the best option.

This concept has also given me an idea on how to shape the redesign of #Tetent [gd0090] and I hope to model a concept shortly. I might use the thumb button as the trackpad, but for ergonomics it's more likely that the XY is controlled with 2 fingers instead. Either way, the blackberry trackpads I bought just in-case are unlikely to be implemented at all, which is the reason why I try and hold off any BOM purchases until I'm ready to buy all. It was only £13ish for 9 so it's not like I'm not gonna financially recover from it.