Multi-use board for Flipper Zero. Utilizing modular Badge, Sao, and Flipper ports for a variety of connections.

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This idea originally started when I realized that I could add pinouts to the bottom of my Sao's that would allow them to work on Flipper Zero. The idea evolved to it's current form. You can add a resistor and led to the back screen to make it a light-up Sao or not.

The main idea is to use the gpio pins from the Flipper to interact with other Saos and Badges.

The Badge/Sao lines are connected with one pinout for each line - (resistor and led on this circuit)

The gpio pins for the Flipper have a mirror pinout. Idea was to populate all with right angle male headers and use female head wires to make connections. The version of this that was distributed at toorcamp doesn't have these considerations but the defcon batch will.

The front art was designed in msPaint, hence the name.

gerber files to make your own

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