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A project log for 1Kb Space Invaders

Reimplementation of the retro game Space Invaders in an attiny for the 1 Kb Challenge

mortenwMortenW 01/16/2017 at 15:220 Comments

Just a quick update now that the dust has settled after the judges results are out. I´m still working on this even if the hope of a nifty 3D Printer or any other price is now officially crushed. No hard feelings, there was some serious competition, and I´m sure the judges had a hard time comparing apples to oranges and still arriving at the final decision. I loved the competition, and send my thanks to HaD for putting this on, and regards to all fellow competitors.

In the coming weeks I will bring back the shoe-horn and polish to get the last functionality included as space is made available by furter refining the code. In hindsight I also need to spend some more time updating the documentation both for quantity and quality.

Stay tuned for more, and again congratulations to the winners.