Working with the Cupcake Holders

A project log for Otter's Cap

If Otter falls and hits the top of his head, it can damage his brain, even be fatal; so we're trying to keep this area soft,padded,and safe.

brucejdiibrucejdii 09/09/2022 at 00:500 Comments

As it turns out, ordering some 3" (actuallly 3.17") diameter cupcake holders worked out really well!  They were  inexpensive, quick, and easy to cut.  Also, There was a decision to add venting holes for Otter's condition.  Cutting it from the button to top seemed to prodcue the best results.

The edges need to be cleaned up a bit... it seemed the the bulb tip actually worked better than the razor blade tip... E6000 glue works incredibly quickly when setting the two materials together...