8gb DDR4 Ram

256gb Sata SSD

7" Waveshare Touch Display

UT 47 Keyboard W/ Backlight

Double Retrocart 5w stereo speakers

TL-WN722N wifi dongle

UB500 wifi / bluetooth dongle

3s4p 8.8AH Battery

~Made Parts~

~3mm acrylic~

1x Switch Plate

1x Middle Plate

1x Bottom Plate

1x Front Plate

1x Back Plate

2x Bottom side plate

~Resin Printed~
2x Top front corner
4x Bottom corners
1x Speaker Side panel
1x Speaker Side Panel Mirrored
1x Bottom side support
1x Bottom Side Support Mirrored
2x Retrocart socket
1x Top Rear Corner 1
1x Top Rear corner 2

~Fasteners (mcmaster #'s)~

x12  90362A114 m3 x 8mm Stainless torx pan head

x12  91828A211 m3 nut

x75 96817A892 M2.5 x 6 Stainless torx Thread Forming screws for thin plastic

x4     96754A107 18-8 x 1.5-1.625" Stainless Tamper resistant Torx Binding Barrel and screw

3M VHB Tape

x 2 3584A234 45ga 0.082" Drill bit (tap size for M2.5 plastic screw)

x2 T20 Tamper Resistant Torx L-Key 55525A27

x1 T8 Torx Bit

x1 T10 Torx Bit

Soldering station


gnap U47 (gnap 2.0) keyboard PCB

47 Cherry Mx switches

x2 Pro Micros one flashed with ut47 firmware and the other flashed with ut47 arduino sketch

x47 1n4148 diodes

x47 3mm LEDS

x4 0.25W resistors


Waveshare 7" Display


2 Cherry MX Switches

2x usb A Breakout

2x 5w speakers

30x30x7.5 5v fan

usb c pd trigger

Laptop Pcb

Laptop Usb Daughter Board

Laptop Sata Daughter board

Laptop Power Button Daughter board

Retrocution Usb Hub

2x Micro usb cable ends

3x usb a female breakout

1x 8 pin male laptop battery connector

TL-WN722N wifi dongle

UB500 wifi / bluetooth dongle

256gb Sata SSD

2x 4gb DDR4 Ram

Hdmi Ribbon Cable (Downward angle to standard)