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track the seasons through tele-presence

Koen HufkensKoen Hufkens 08/12/2022 at 14:480 Comments

Hi everyone,

I'm reviving a long running project of mine. Although this has received some exposure in the past I've updated the build construction and the location has changed as well. Historically the location of the Virtual Forest was Harvard Forest in Western Massachusetts, USA. As I've changed positions, and moved back to the EU, maintaining the camera wasn't possible anymore. Although the staff at Harvard Forest kept up with for a while after I left, in the end the camera was removed.

Over the past couple of years, with COVID confining many people indoors with little access to green spaces for leisure or education it became obvious that the original idea needed to be revived (and was more pressing than ever).

Halfway through the COVID pandemic I therefore put together a new build. The result of this build, as well as the interactive experience is described and linked to in this project. Enjoy.