Polaron Build Log - 20220816

A project log for Polaron

100 TB Portable NAS that can survive the end of all things

Cybermage2019Cybermage2019 08/17/2022 at 00:570 Comments

Today the monitor came in for the box and i wasted no time shucking it and starting to do the placement for where its going to live. Now that it is here i can start to make the bezel that is going to hold it into the lid 

The size is perfect (17") to be able to fit into the 19" lid....Tried to put a 19" in there and it was just a touch too big to fit but with the 17" i am able to mount all the monitor hardware to the lid and have enough room to spare for other things in the future

The control boards are affixed with a plastic backing so there is no chance of shorting at all. I plan to also heat shrink the boards to better protect them.

The TPLink Mini wireless router came in today. Had 2 GLNet ones that i attempted to put ddWRT onto but gave up after i bricked one of 2 of them that i have. From what i read the TPLink one should be easier to flash

Last 2 20TB Drives come in a few days and then i can reload the O/S for the NAS part and then start to do the first part of final assembly.....