Parts in Hand -- First Success

A project log for Project Boondock Echo

Remote Radio Message Recording, Queueing, and Transmission (for Normal and Emergency Communications)

Mark J HughesMark J Hughes 08/17/2022 at 18:250 Comments

KC has parts in hand and quickly got audio sent to the microcontroller and pushed out through the radio.

The radio uses VOX (voice-activated transmission), which will allow reverse-repeater functionality.  A net controller can push a message through all listening posts or select listening posts.

One issue is that the audio streamed through the device is choppy.  It must be uploaded to the device first, then played back and transmitted.  We haven't investigated whether it's a bandwidth issue or a microcontroller limitation.  For now, it doesn't matter.  The next step is getting audio from the radio to the server.  Then it's all backend programming.

For anyone wondering, KC is the coding genius here, I'm a ham-fisted monkey who crashes the stack into the heap like a noob.  I'm mostly his hype man at this point :)
-- Mark