Design thoughts snapshot

A project log for Ventbot: warm side cool, cool side warm

A speculative DIY register booster project to even out the temps around my home.

WJCarpenterWJCarpenter 11/20/2022 at 20:120 Comments

This is a recap of my thinking about the design of this project. Some of it I've mentioned or hinted in earlier project logs, and some has lived only in my tiny brain.

I've started working on a schematic and PCB layout to hold all this. It provided me a chance to finally try out KiCad (which is going pretty well; the Freerouting plugin has already saved me hours and hours of time). Even with all the stuff I'm about to describe, it all fits onto a double-side board that is less than 75 mm square. Partly for philosophical reasons and partly for practical reasons, I'm designing some flexibility options into the PCB. I'm only planning to make at most 4-5 of these devices, but the PCB fabrication places generally include 10 copies of the board. When ordering from Asia, shipping is a non-trivial percentage of the cost of getting the boards in your hands, so I might order more than 10 copies once I'm confident in my PCB design. It will be nice to have other uses for them. My experience with the PCB prototyping services is that the boards are pretty darned nice.