I2C RC Filters

I2C controllable high-pass and low-pass filters. Compatible with Qwiic connectors.

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I've built high-pass and low-pass filters that are controllable over I2C. Their cut-off frequency can be set over the range of 50Hz to 10Khz

The filters are intended to accompany PlainDAQ which is an open-source module that turns Raspberry pi pico to 4-channel oscilloscope and a single channel function generator.
PlainDAQ Crowdsupply :
PlainDAQ Hackaday :

Here are the general specifications:
✔️Cut-off frequency can be set between 50Hz-10kHz
✔️Buffered Input and output (high-impedance input, low impedance output)
✔️Can be directly powered with PlainDAQ (+/- bipolar supply)
✔️Cool, educational visuals.
✔️Can be controlled with PlainDAQ's GUI.
✔️Compatible with Qwiic connectors.
✔️Uses Digi-pot for cut-off frequency setting.
  • 1 × MCP45HV51
  • 2 × TL071 Amplifier and Linear ICs / Operational Amplifiers

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