RaaS Remote Managed Smart Service Robots

Solutions to reduce carbon footprint, increase safety for humans and bring practical usable service jobs to those with disabilities.

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Robotics as a Service development project. This is the 2022 robotic project with a few ambitious goals. First is that we need to make money. Growth and development cost money like any other service and there is no shortage of low paid workers being taken advantage of and risking their own health with over exposure to heat and cancer causing UV rays. This project is not just a product, but an entire ground development of robotics as a service. This is a short summary and I will include more information as things develop.

About myself:
I am a third year student at Western Governors University of Tennessee. I recently obtained my project + Certification and A+ Certification. I have been into amateur robotics since 2012.

Goals shortlist ;

Animated face/ eyes on the front of the robot

6 wheel drive

2 Daylight readable LCD Displays on the sides for advertisement

GPS navigated mission capability, cm accurate

remote operation and monitoring through T-Mobile 5G Internet

RC remote control will kill switch

Multi Voltage battery packages

Swappable Tool packages

1. 3-20" blades mowing commercial style

2. 1-20" blade quick detail

3. weed eating and edging tool

4. Low noise razor blade disc for super quiet cutting.

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    Josh Starnes09/10/2022 at 07:36 0 comments

    Hello everyone, it is time for logs to start on the project. One of the goals for this robotics project is a LCD screen type face. Think of Cosmo or any number of the other robots with a friendly presence. I have three 24 inch LCD tvs that I was using as a triple monitor setup simply because they were cheap at the time. Even new now they are selling for $79 on . Since this robot will be outdoors it would be useful for the screen to be sunlight readable. In doing a little research most of what makes a lcd screen usable outside is the level of brightness it can produce to overcome the sunlight during the day. I did find some DIY projects where the TVs backlights were upgraded with white LED strips with some fantastic looking results.

    The original LEDs where laughable. I was very surprised that the whole screen was lit by these 8 LEDS which I believe are only 1/4 watt each. I set out to find LED strips that were economical and had a good Color CRI rating.

    A brand called Joylit seemed to have rolls of LEDS wired for 24 volts in very high lumen output.

    I ordered 2 sets of these in order to make sure I could cover all of the background behind the LCD panel and light diffuser sheet.

    2988 LEDs later, I think I have the back well covered. It is completely possible I have much more light than I need, but I really will not know until it is powered on and I can do some real world outdoor tests. In total there is about 32 foot of light strips lined up side by side. According to the manufacturer these are 120 watts per 16 foot of length and about 240 watts at 32 foot. In my experience manufacturer’s usually over rate the wattage of strips a little, but I am more concerned with the end performance.

    In low lighting the face of the robot could switch where the background is white and eyes are blue. 240 watts shining through the white/ unblocked light source might work as general path lighting.

    I will likely update and re write logs so they are more detailed, instead of creating new logs constantly. Usually I crest as many update logs as possible, but I am considering a neater approach this time around.

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