Finally: Ray-tracing on an 8-bit PIC (not 1kB)

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Generate 640x480 64-color VGA graphics with an 8-bit PIC and an SRAM framebuffer

Ted YapoTed Yapo 01/05/2017 at 17:330 Comments

OK, I'll clog your feed with one more portrait-aspect image (sorry for all of them). I finally got the ray-tracer doing the right thing. It's still 8.3kB of code, which is the best I'm going to be able to do before the contest deadline, but it works. The fractals in 1kB will have to be the code for the contest, but here's ray-tracing on an 8-bit PIC:

The wavy lines are moiré patterns caused by the monitor pixels beating with the camera pixels; they're not in the generated image. I uploaded updated source code with the latest epsilon fix. The code ain't pretty, but "it works."