A project log for UltraTower

Grow vegetables with ultraponics tower

j-gleyzesJ Gleyzes 10/07/2022 at 20:510 Comments

UltraTower is a low cost ultraponic system under 100€ with parts that can be easily found in shops. Thus this technology can have several uses:

On a balcony:

Cities are getting bigger and bigger and have a garden to grow your own vegetables can be complicated. The tower is made of a 100mm diameter PVC tube which allows you to grow a maximum of plants (12) in a very small space.

For Universities or Laboratories:

The PCB is modular allowing the addition of a pH sensor, EC sensor, three temperature sensors and one humidity sensor. The sensors allow real-time monitoring of the data through the android app and ThingSpeak. This makes it easy to compare different crop variables to see which works best for certain types of plants.

In a garden:

This project is not aimed at eliminating the cultivation of vegetable gardens, far from it. But individuals who do not have the green thumb or the time to tend a vegetable garden can grow their plants passively thanks to this tower.

On the roofs of buildings:

To feed the cities, oil is needed to bring the crops to the plate. The roofs of the buildings are an unused surface of the cities allowing the culture of many plants directly in the cities thus limiting transport. Of course, an industrial adaptation of this tower is to be expected. I will detail it in another log.

This technology has many possible applications, and I have only mentioned 4 but we could think of polar expeditions where the transport of fresh food is expensive,  in space and many more where traditional culture is impossible.