The first version used a milled circuit board (which i don't have pictures of since it's with my sister, might ask her later) and ws2812mini leds which it turns out unlike the sk6812mini leds are possible to route with only one layer so it's a lot easier to do on a circuit mill.

later i ran out of ws2812mini so i switched to sk6812mini leds and ordered pcbs from oshpark insdead.

for all the stories i've heard of ws2812 timing being really finicky they were surprisingly ok with me using the timing sheets as more of a suggestion rather than strictly adhering to them, which was made impossible by the attiny10's 8MHz clock.

it even worked without changes for the sk6812 leds even though in theory they want different timing.

for some stupid reason avrdude doesn't like using the atmelICE with the TPI programming interface so i just wrote the code in atmel studio in a windows VM.
first i'm writing the color for each led to ram(even in uniform color mode the same color just gets written to ram 4 times)

then i'm loading one byte at a time into a register and writing it to the leds and adding 1 to the ram pointer.

i believe when i load a new byte i'm going quite a bit over the maximum bit time for the leds but they're just fine with that.

the power cable is just a 6 pin ribbon cable soldered onto a usb cable to provide 5 volts with a jumper to switch between rainbow swirl and uniform color mode on the other side.