A pedal powered greenhouse for educational purpose

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This is a pedal powered mini greenhouse that would fit perfectly in Walace and Grommit or Gaston Lagaffe universes!
Initially, I was toying with this idea because I wanted to be able to eat tomatoes, peppers and eggplants all year long, but I quickly realized such a system would be ineffective. So instead, I think it is an opportunity to turn this idea into an educational project.
The goal of this greenhouse is not to mass produce tomatoes in winter, it is a fun educational project to make people aware of the energy involved in eating out of season vegetables, either by importing vegetables from far away or by growing them in heated greenhouse.

The system will include a battery, so that you don't have to pedal 12 hours a day to make your plants grow.

I am not sure how much human intervention this system will require. As much as real gardening I suppose

  • 1 × pedal generator K-tor PowerBox50
  • 1 × car battery
  • 1 × greenhouse
  • 1 × grow leds
  • 1 × heater 12v heating systm

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  • Prototype 2, the DIY way

    PixJuan09/03/2022 at 05:41 0 comments

    At first I was thinking about another way of building my Cyclo-Greenhouse, much DIY, that would be more in Hack-A-Day spirit.

    Prototype 1 would be the safe way of testing the concept, prototype 2 would the fun way!

    It would be more interesting to build a prototype from scratch, and smart people have already tried to build pedal-powered things :

    And this one is exactly what I am trying to achieve

    The idea is to either build a frame or reuse a vintage exercise bike and build a generator and converter.

    the idea is to reuse a vintage flywheel exercise bike, but to put an old electric bike wheel on it and generate electricity with it.

  • Prototype 1

    PixJuan08/17/2022 at 18:52 0 comments

    Constraints for the prototype

    • Not dangerous (no unprotected flywheel with spokes) if it is to be left in a school
    • Be within my time budget (not big for the moment)

       either an old stationary cycle where I could fit a generator, or  a few soldered tubes, a seat and a handle bar. We need a handle bar to properly cycle.

       this pedal powered generator can directly charge a 12V lead battery, it is the simplest solution
       classic car lead battery

    There the greenhouse itself, Ideally I would take a proper one with real glass, but it's too big an investment before being sure the concept works.


    Concerning the LED system it looks like I need to have different kind of leds one to make the plants grow and another to get flowers.


    A system to water the plant may be required, otherwise a human intervention is needed.
    I don't think I will use hydroponics, but it remains an option.


    I suppose a heating system is required to prevent the plants from freezing (and maybe to better simulate the summer)

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