Prototype 1

A project log for cyclo-greenhouse

A pedal powered greenhouse for educational purpose

PixJuanPixJuan 08/17/2022 at 18:520 Comments

Constraints for the prototype

   either an old stationary cycle where I could fit a generator, or  a few soldered tubes, a seat and a handle bar. We need a handle bar to properly cycle.

   this pedal powered generator can directly charge a 12V lead battery, it is the simplest solution
   classic car lead battery

There the greenhouse itself, Ideally I would take a proper one with real glass, but it's too big an investment before being sure the concept works.


Concerning the LED system it looks like I need to have different kind of leds one to make the plants grow and another to get flowers.


A system to water the plant may be required, otherwise a human intervention is needed.
I don't think I will use hydroponics, but it remains an option.


I suppose a heating system is required to prevent the plants from freezing (and maybe to better simulate the summer)