Core functionality

A project log for DeepDeck: an OpenSource Macropad like no other!

DeepDeck is a wireless, fully programmable, OpenSource macropad with 16 RGB, mechanical keys, and two rotary encoders with push buttons.

Nick VelasquezNick Velasquez 08/17/2022 at 20:530 Comments

Right now you can use macros, key assignments, and layers on the 16 keys and 2 knobs on DeepDeck.

In order to change it you have to get into the code and change it. We are developing an embedded website so you can change everything without the need of external software! you can find more info on that in

The next steps are:

- Access point mode and internal webpage

- Setting menu on the OLED. It already exist but there is nothing much there yet.

- Different types of RGB LED interactions

- Connection to different APIs, like Notion, Jira, etc