A generic control system for non-extreme chambers.

Use cases are 3D Printing and mycelium fruiting.

Constant and variable temperatures are often required during a single process.
Humidity changes during the processes and for fruiting during the incubation phase it is the key driver.
Lighting and timing control play an important function in many manufacturing processes and the circadian rhythm.


Aim: Easy to interface module for the 3DP controller RAMPS, Arduino or the Raspberry-Pi.

Humidity / Temperature: Lab calibrated DHT22 (can use the cheaper DHT11).
Timing: Real Time Clock Modules – Accurate DS3231 (can use the cheaper DS1307).
12V 1A DC Relay for fan control.
12V DC input

12V power input [poz|neg]
DHT22 sensor [a|b|c]
12V fan power [poz|neg] via relay
Alarm pin

Code: When it’s decent! https://github.com/bobnet/ChamberControl