actually using the interface...

A project log for usb interface for twin paddle

trying to figure out openwrt was making me crazy, so i took apart a mouse and made an interface for my kent tp1.

worsthorseworsthorse 12/02/2016 at 06:050 Comments

harder than building the interface was finding any software, at least on the mac, that allows one to use a usb-based key. one or two windows programs do, but most assume a serial interface, rather than mouse-click input.

I found this page from AD5DZ, which is powered by a small javascript program, and works pretty well. the code is on github, too. Apparently, fldigi can be used, too, but I am too lazy to figure that out this evening.

i am new to cw, so there could be latency issues and such, but i don't send fast enough for that to be an issue.

tomorrow i will see if can find a slight shorter pill bottle and make a neater enclosure. i considered using an altoids box but i like seeing the lighted up LED!