Variety GlowStitch Sheet

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stephSteph 09/22/2022 at 04:500 Comments

I've created a mega variety sheet with 15 LED strips, including long, short and ring variations.  Half of these will be in white and half will be in colour cycling rainbow LEDs.  This panelises the variety design into a sheet to make it easy to manufacture and the customer cuts the strips out with scissors or craft knife.  The manufacturer and the customer can test the sheet with the tabs at the base easily to see all the LEDs light up simultaneously.  I've also made the background a beautiful starry night 

I made this in KiCAD with help from Adobe Illustrator, Rhino 3D and Inkscape.  You have to use tools from all kids of software as standard circuit software is not designed for making art.  The workflow is not clean and feels like it's fighting you at every step to get the right result.  Lots of pixel pushing and convoluted steps, but I'm so happy with this result.  See render below, photos of the real thing coming soon!