GlowStitch LEDs now fully Open Source and OSHWA Certified

A project log for GlowStitch LED Strips

LED strips for soft circuits, paper circuits and more!

stephSteph 10/16/2022 at 05:240 Comments

I'm proud to say that my GlowStitch LED strips are now open source, and the files are available on the GlowStitch Github page.  The project is under the CC - BY - SA licence, which means that you are free to share and adapt the circuit board files for your own module design, large projects and commercial use.  However, attribution is required, you must credit the original GlowStitch project and it must be distributed under the same open source licence.  

The aim of this project is to make electronics easier and strip away the things that make it hard. Releasing the circuit board designs makes it easier for others to get involved and design their own compatible modules, building up a larger variety of GlowStitch parts. The faster we can work, the more things we’ll build and the better we’ll get at things like innovating in wearable tech and edutech spaces.
I encourage you to download these blueprints and design your own modules for custom projects, interesting applications, and commercial products. This will enable the creation of much larger custom projects where you might require more specific LED colours for group projects, art installations, conference badges and much more. By doing this I will be delighted to know that you are inspiring and educating others and maybe even learning some circuit board design skills yourself.

So far, I have the files for LED strips with x1 LED, x5 LEDs and x12 LED Rings, plus battery holders for x2 AAA batteries and CR2032 batteries available on the Github.  I can also confirm this project is now OSHWA Certified.