Wiggly Lines, Updated Instructions and Pencilcase Demo

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stephSteph 12/23/2022 at 22:440 Comments

In my latest run of prototypes you can spot wiggly traces, especially up close on the 'ring' LED strip.  This helps to reduce cracking and strain under repeated flexing on flexible PCBs.  Big thanks to PCBWay for sponsoring this run of prototypes!  I deeply appreciate their support as many of you know how expensive it can be to continue an iterative design cycle with continuous improvements, especially in flex PCBs.  I'm super happy with the quality of these too, PCBWay did a fantastic job. 

I've also now increased the instructions from 6 pages all the way up to twenty pages to make sure it's easy to get started, understand how to get the most out of the LED strips and troubleshoot issues quickly.  I'm super proud of how these have turned out!  The next step will be to work out how to create Multilanguage instructions as part of the CE marking certification process.  

Lastly, another project demo.  Some of you may be familiar with the children's book, 'The Rainbow Fish'.  The book features holographic scales on the fish and the story goes that the fish gifts it's scales to the other fish.  This pencil case is a rainbow fish theme, and the scales are 3D printed directly onto the fabric.  Under the scales are some colour cycling glowstitch LEDs.  This is one of my favourite demo projects so far, it's very tactile and fun!