The Final Samples

A project log for GlowStitch LED Strips

LED strips for soft circuits, paper circuits and more!

stephSteph 08/23/2023 at 05:440 Comments

This week my final samples of Glowstitch sheets arrived.  I'm so happy with how they've turned out.  My final design here aims to give you value for money with x10 strips per sheet and will have a colour cycling and white LED variations.  

While I like the large starmap design in the past prototypes, I think it's too pretty to cut up to use them practically, and I might save the design as a stretch goal / special edition for the crowdfunding.  

Each of these will be sold separately, and a Maker kit will be available with all the items below, including a coin cell battery holder, AAA battery holder, white LED sheet, colour cycling LED sheet, instructions and a roll of conductive tape.  

I'll also make the battery pack have connection points on the base to allow you to just pop it on top of the sheet to quickly test it out.  

My development for the crowdfunding has taken awhile as I've gotten bogged down in the details.  I started working on a USB C power source for it, and have decided to just keep it simple and work on that after the product release.  It's been great to get contacted by schools who are interested in these and I just need to release the product without trying to make it do everything right now.  

I've also re-worked my instructions to contain less waffle and keep the concept simple:  Just connecting all positives together and all negatives together.  The first few pages of the instructions will also be the Multilingual part to check off the CE / UKCA marking requirements. 

And here's a sneak peek at the final instructions: 

Stay in the loop with the launch of the crowdfunding for this here: