Full function Wireless joystick Rug for PC

I like to make cheap joy stick for all gaming and application purpose in Computer for my child. By jump and move around she play drums.

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Play PC games bored now a days. So Lot of virtual reality objects come to interact with PC to play games, but its more expansible. So I plan some thing cheap to interact with PC. First of all i like to did it for my child. While web surfing i found a musical drums app which able to play with Key board. So with that in mind and also for PC games i plan to did a wireless carpet used as joystick to play games and run applications by foot. Again all must be cheap. But it consume lot of days to complete this project. It also consumes more gum almost 0.75 Kgs of gum.

Due to multiple layer its very soft to stand.

After complete this project my child is very happy on play in this rug. I also feel very happy to do this.

Its bad for kids to sit in a place and play games in Pc's. When come to Play station and other interactive things its cost high. So with less resource and some more work i plan to build a joystick for my child to play by hump and walk. Its finish and she enjoy very much.


Program file to connect with PC. Arduino IDE file. only 771 bytes.

ino - 771.00 bytes - 12/02/2016 at 11:40


  • 1 × 9V Battery
  • 1 × 9V Battery Terminal Connector
  • 1 × Aluminium Foil
  • 1 × Carpet Cloth
  • 1 × Old T shirt

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    Step 1

    Make a Shield and Connect Bluetooth

    1) Solder male Header pins to connect the Plain PCB to Arduino Uno.

    2) For HC-05 Blue tooth module connection

    a) 5V Vcc from Arduino UNO to HC-05 VCC.

    b) Gnd from Arduino UNO to HC-05 GND.

    c) D0 (Rx) from Arduino UNO to HC-05 TxD.

    d) D1 (Tx) from Arduino UNO to HC-05 RxD.

    3) Then Hot Glue the Female Header pin to the Board to hold it tight.

    4) Use Digital Pins D2 To D11 for Digital Input.

    5) For that Solder 10 K ohms resister from each Digital Pins and Solder the opposite end to the GND.

    6) Now take a Wire From a 5 Volt Supply and short to each pin. Check it with test program and Print the Pin numbers in Serial port and Found ok.

    7) Now connect the HC-05 BT Module to the shield we Prepare.

    8) Connect the Shield to Arduino Uno and Use Test programs Check the Bluetooth and Keys button.

    9) For Make it full wireless Connect the UNO to a Battery.

    10) Now the Circuit is ready Its time to make Switches.

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    Step 2

    Programming Arduino IDE

    Before Making Switch Write a Program to test the goal is reached.

    Arduino Uno


    While Write program and Upload Remove the HC-05 Module from the shield because it used the Pin D0,D1 used by IDE to write program to processor. If not remove Error in Upload Listed.

    1) For Blue tooth just open the serial port and write the data what we have.

    2) Record the current Binary value

    3) Read the switches D2 to D11 and Convert it to Binary.

    4) Check the next binary value. If both the value are different then.

    5) Convert the Binary value to decimal and Send the Decimal value through Blue tooth.

    6) Store the last binary value to current binary value.and go to step 3.

    Coding is attached in the files

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    Step 3

    Programming Visual Studio

    1) Open a new application Program in Visual Studio.

    2) In the form use a serial port to connect with the Buetooth com port.

    3) The received Decimal value is converted in to binary and Save it in a array.

    4) Then use a Timer and sendkeys.send function is used to call the keys.

    5) As per Gaming the Send keys corresponding to the pressed keys changes And U able to play games and rum applications etc.

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