This is a very straightforward build, you don't even need the electronics just for a quick cosplay.

All the parts are 3D printed and designed with very small tolerance, some sanding will be required for optimal fitting. I only use OpenSCAD for designing, the parametric nature of it is easier for me as a programmer and makes it very convenient for quick fixing the position and overall size of the different components.

The screws are optional, use what ever you have laying around. Remember, it's supposed to look like it has been through hell and back a couple of times, you are not even the first owner, they don't even fabricate this model anymore! All the ones I used are savaged from old hard drives and computer cases.

The buckles on the back is made from savaged watchband, the screws lock the straps in place and hold to the deck. Use anything to hold it to the shoulder, even better if doesn't look like fitting together.

The painting is inspired by Macross anime, not only because I really like that 80's anime retrofuturist look, but also because I think this whole cyber punk thing could easily be the more "dark side" of a society like showed in Macross. So it makes sense that a kid would give its secondhand deck a quick fighter jet inspired painting job.

As hardware goes, it will only fit a Raspberry Pi 3B or 3B+ due to the side ports. It has space for two small hard drives, I use my deck as my printing server and will eventually use it as a NAS, so having the flexibility is helpful. But just as well could be used to fit any useful component, like a small box with tools and cables for emergencies.

The only thing missing from my original plan is a small monochromatic LCD on the deck (see the big flat white area there at the top?) playing some random animations just because it would look cool and add a lot to the storytelling of the piece.

And eventually, I will make a augmented reality OnoSendai and it will make sense to walk around with it, so I will add some batteries strapped to the outside.

Hope you guys like it  o/