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    Get all the components ready.

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    Get Your PCB Ready!

    Talking about electronics.

    • After making the circuit diagram I transformed it into a PCB design to produce it, to produce the PCB, I have chosen JLCPCB the best PCB supplier and the cheapest PCB provider to order my circuit. with the reliable platform, all I need to do is some simple steps which we will talk later.
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    • As you can see in the pictures above the PCB is very well manufactured and I’ve got the same PCB assembled with all the components that we want to use for our main board and all the labels and logos are there to guide me during the soldering steps. You can also download the Gerber file for this circuit from the download link below in case you want to place an order for the same circuit design.
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    Place All the Components on PCB and Solder It Properly.
    • Soldering the components to PCB.