My Second Skin Gets a Skin

A project log for OSI Challenger 4P Reproduction

I am making a full sized Challenger 4P reproduction, a 6502 based personal computer from the late 1970s.

michael-gardiMichael Gardi 05/05/2023 at 19:462 Comments

I decided to have the cover for my Challenger 4P which was fabricated at LASERBOOST (see Getting a Second Skin and Metal Magic) powder coated at a local shop (Westex Coatings Inc.). I just got the piece back today and I'm very happy with the result.

With the proliferation of 3D printers,  the 3D printed "skins" I have designed for this and my other reproductions, are easily within the reach of a large number of makers.  Now, companies like LASERBOOST are making sheet metal fabrication more accessible as well.  Even though my reproductions for the most part have emulated "insides", I have always strived to make the exteriors match as close to the original's as possible. My new sheet metal skin goes a long way towards achieving that authenticity for the Challenger 4P. 


Cees Meijer wrote 05/28/2023 at 18:10 point

Don't think you can get much further towards the 'the real thing'. Next step would be a complete rebuild of the original PCB ;-)

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Michael Gardi wrote 05/28/2023 at 18:15 point

Actually  “new” Challenger motherboard PCBs are available online. I worry though that populating them would be pretty expensive. 

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