Today I will show to how to make How to make a simple inverter 2500W

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Office Machine Programmable Controllers AC Adapter I/O Interface Board

The TOSHIBA mini flat coupler TLP181 is a small outline coupler, suitable for surface mount assembly.

TLP181 consist of a photo transistor optically coupled to a gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode. Since TLP181 is smaller than DIP package, it’s suitable for high-density surface mounting applications such as programmable controllers

● Collector?emitter voltage: 80V (min)

● Current transfer ratio: 50% (min) Rank GB: 100% (min)

● Isolation voltage: 3750Vrms (min)

● Operation Temperature:-55 to 110℃ 

● Safety Standards

UL recognized: UL1577, File No. E67349

cUL recognized: CSA Component Acceptance Service No. 5A

File No.E67349

● BSI approved: BS EN60065:2002, certificate No.8285

BS EN60950-1:2006 certificate No.8286


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The Integrated Circuit TL431 is a regulator diode with 3 terminals adjustable shunt regulation with the specified thermal stability and and applicable in the automotive, commercial and optimum temperature range applications. The output of the IC can be easily programmed with resistor adjusting and changing the values. The monolithic integrated circuit voltage operates at a low temperature coefficient of Zener diode easily programmable with the adjustable resistors. The negative and positive voltages are defined with the help of this IC reference.

The device exhibit wide range of current 1.0 mA to 100 mA with the dynamic resistance and impendence offering. The stable reference voltage is also taken to operate for the shunt regulator and it can be used as a positive or negative voltage reference.

Schematic and symbol representation of TL431:


The symbol representation of the integrated circuit TL431 is shown below


This is the simple representation and schematic of the IC TL431. The pin configuration shows cathode, anode and the reference voltage pin.

Pinout configuration of TL431:



Key Features of TL431:

1. The reference voltage tolerance is 25 degree Celsius

2. Low output noise

3. Sink current capability

4. Programmable Zener diode

5. Voltage tolerance is +4%

6. Output impedance offers is 0.22 Ohms

7. Available in 3 pin and 8 pin package

Applications of TL431:

As shown in the figure below it is used in the voltage comparator electronic circuit modules and switch mode power supplies for the best efficient power transmission and regulation of the electronic device.


TL431 Voltage comparator electronic circuit

1. It is used adjustable voltage and current referencing electronic circuit

2. switch mode power supplies

3. voltage comparators

4. voltage monitoring

5. Zener replacement

6. Isolated power supply circuits 


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The LM339 is a complete remote...

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