Today I will show to how to make induction heater 12v DC, Building1500W Induction Heater, jlcpcb

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Product Attributes
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● Central Processing Unit (CPU32)

● 32-Bit Architecture

● Virtual Memory Implementation

● Table Lookup and Interpolate Instruction

● Improved Exception Handling for Controller Applications

● High-Level Language Support

● Background Debugging Mode

● Fully Static Operation

● System Integration Module (SIM)

● External Bus Support

● Programmable Chip-Select Outputs

● System Protection Logic

● Watchdog Timer, Clock Monitor, and Bus Monitor

● Two 8-Bit Dual Function Input/Output Ports

● One 7-Bit Dual Function Output Port

● Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) Clock System

● Time Processor Unit (TPU)

● Dedicated Microengine Operating Independently of CPU32

● 16 Independent, Programmable Channels and Pins

● Any Channel can Perform any Time Function

● Two Timer Count Registers with Programmable Prescalers

● Selectable Channel Priority Levels

● Queued Serial Module (QSM)

● Enhanced Serial Communication Interface

● Queued Serial Peripheral Interface

● One 8-Bit Dual Function Port

● Static RAM Module with TPU Emulation Capability (TPURAM)

● 2-Kbytes of Static RAM

● May be Used as Normal RAM or TPU Microcode Emulation RAM


The MC68332, a highly-integrated 32-bit microcontroller, combines high-performance data manipulation capabilities with powerful peripheral subsystems. The MCU is built up from standard modules that interface through a common intermodule bus (IMB). Standardization facilitates rapid development of devices tailored for specific applications.

The MCU incorporates a 32-bit CPU (CPU32), a system integration module (SIM), a time processor unit (TPU), a queued serial module (QSM), and a 2-Kbyte static RAM module with TPU emulation capability (TPURAM).

The MCU can either synthesize an internal clock signal from an external reference or use an external clock input directly. Operation with a 32.768-kHz reference frequency is standard. The maximum system clock speed is 20.97 MHz. System hardware and software allow changes in clock rate during operation.

Because MCU operation is fully static, register and memory contents are not affected by clock rate changes.

High-density complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (HCMOS) architecture makes the basic power consumption of the MCU low. Power consumption can be minimized by stopping the system clock. TheCPU32 instruction set includes a low-power stop (LPSTOP) command that efficiently implements this Capability.


Product Attributes
Not found, similar datasheet recommended

Introduce this Module:

The ULN2803A device is a 50 Volt, 500 Milliamp Darlington transistor. The device consists of 8 NPN Darlington pairs that feature high-voltage outputs with com-cathode clamp diodes for switching inductive loads. The collector-current rating of each Darlington pair is 500 Milliamp. The Darlington pairs may be connected in parallel for higher-level current capability.

Some Core Parameters of the Module:


●  500-mA-Rated Collector Current (Single Output)...

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