The Design Process

A project log for Air Quality Pavilion: Rethinking Shared Spaces

The Air Quality Pavilion uses an internal sensor to collect data, monitor & then trigger various reactions to the CO2 levels

avyeAvye 10/14/2022 at 12:490 Comments

I made some sketches and some cardboard mock-ups to help visualise my idea and to explore using linkages to make it all move. The cardboard models were a really good way to test how different elements could fit together and also helped me to get a better idea of areas that I needed to investigate, change or drop.

Securing & concealing the big stepper motor - I chose to operate the shutter walls with stepper motors, and eventually worked out a way to attach them directly to one of the louvres within the linkage of each of the vertical shutter walls. However, this left me with the problem of how to keep the stepper motor still and secure, without spoiling the aesthetic of the pavilion.

The pavilion itself is made up of several layers of plywood and acrylic pieces which were designed in 2D design and printed out on a laser cutter.