Curved Wall & Window Components

A project log for Air Quality Pavilion: Rethinking Shared Spaces

The Air Quality Pavilion uses an internal sensor to collect data, monitor & then trigger various reactions to the CO2 levels

avyeAvye 10/14/2022 at 13:200 Comments

The walls of the pavilion were designed to be built up in several layers of plywood, in fact, 30 layers, each 4mm in thickness. I realised that I could only print two complete layers on a single sheet of plywood, which meant I would need too many sheets and would be left with an awful lot of waste material. 

To solve this problem, I broke the layer design down into smaller sections that could be cut out separately and put together like a jigsaw. These smaller pieces could now be fitted more efficiently onto a single sheet of plywood, reducing cost and waste. Being able to print each layer in smaller sections also means I or you could use scrap pieces of laser ply to make up the required amount of layers.