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"The future is here, it's just not evenly distributed." - William Gibson

A cyber deck built using custom sheet metal, 3d printed parts, wide screen display, raspberry pi, and a mechanical keyboard.

Created by the fictional Black Sun Enterprises (BSE) multinational corporation.

Ripped straight from the lifted spec sheet found while lurking at the Black Sun.

BSE_01 Features:

  • 1 x 12.3" Touchscreen - Waveshare
  • 1 x Raspberry Pi 4
  • 1 x 12v Battery - Talentcell 6000mAh
  • 1 x Mechanical Keyboard - Magicforce w/ Monster Keycaps
  • 2 x USB3.0 Ports
  • 1 x 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • 1 x Full Size HDMI Port
  • 2 x Custom Aluminum Case - Sendcut Send
  • 3 x Custom Acrylic Face Plates - Ponoko
  • 2 x 3d Printed Constant Force Hinges - Prusa I3 mk3
  • 12 x 3d Printed Mounts and Corners - ""
  • Latches + Handle for easy on the go hacking


  • Raspberry Pi OS themed with Arc-Dark
  • Custom Shutdown Button
  • Custom Boot Screen coming soon.


Updating soon for all parts. - Available WIP on Onshape.

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 14.43 MB - 10/03/2022 at 02:01


Standard Tesselated Geometry - 10.76 MB - 10/03/2022 at 02:01


Standard Tesselated Geometry - 14.68 MB - 10/03/2022 at 02:01


Standard Tesselated Geometry - 10.64 MB - 10/03/2022 at 02:01


Standard Tesselated Geometry - 4.27 MB - 10/03/2022 at 02:01


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  • Build Video Posted

    Conceptual Hardware10/31/2022 at 01:49 0 comments
  • Sheet Metal and Acrylic

    Conceptual Hardware09/30/2022 at 20:23 0 comments

    The sheet metal cases were designed in onshape and created using the sheet metal tool that exports a nice flat pattern in dxf. 

    I ordered them through Sendcutsend which also offers bending for an extra price (turns out its per part).

    Next I ordered the laser cut parts from Ponoko.

    After about a week, they were delivered.

    I then drilled all the countersinks for the flathead m4's that are used on 90% of the design.

    After countersinks it was test fitting the acrylic from Ponoko.

    Next they got painted semi-gloss black (in hindsight, I would paint them matte).

  • Videographic Presentation

    Conceptual Hardware09/30/2022 at 16:06 0 comments

  • Stickers!

    Conceptual Hardware09/30/2022 at 04:13 0 comments

  • Full Build

    Conceptual Hardware09/30/2022 at 03:48 0 comments

  • full cardboard build

    Conceptual Hardware09/18/2022 at 12:50 0 comments

    Having a semi functional diode laser comes in handy.  The faceplates were cutout, out of order btw the acrylic has already been ordered.  Then I ran the sheet metal flat patterns.


    Final result

    After finishing the cut with an exacto

    Text fitting the screen and pi

    With keyboard, batteries, hinges, and handle.

    Fully closed.

  • fully designed-ish

    Conceptual Hardware09/15/2022 at 02:29 0 comments

    I've got all the components designed and the case top and bottom finished.  The sheet metal is off to sendcutsend for cutting and bending.  If it wasn't so close to the deadline, I would have gotten them powder coated instead of the planned rattle can painting.



  • Physical Prototyping

    Conceptual Hardware09/06/2022 at 02:20 0 comments

    I gathered up my existing parts and with a little help of cad and cardboard, I threw together some prototypes to get a feel for the size.  I ran into possibly extending the width another 25mm or so to get some usb panel mounts on the side of the lower section. 

    With the size being around 460 x 200 x 70 [18" x 7.5" x 2.75"], another inch or so is worth getting another port.

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PENO CORTO wrote 05/14/2024 at 04:29 point

Hello friend, I really love your project. I want to make a similar one but I don't know very well how the electrical installation of the cyberdeck is going. Could you help me a lot by sending me a schematic and the components you used for this project to me at Thank you

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