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coltonbaldridgecolton.baldridge 09/06/2022 at 04:002 Comments

Just to provide some context behind the birth of the OS3M mouse, this project started the same way many great projects do... while trying to solve an entirely unrelated problem. Much in the same way Hal changes a lightbulb by repairing his car, I organize my bookshelf by designing an open source 3D mouse.

This all started about a week ago when I was organizing my bedroom. I have a nice bookshelf where I, naturally, like to display my books. Particularly, these Simon Stalenhag ones: 

Now, currently these books support themselves, but I occasionally bump the shelf and knock them over. No problem, I'll just buy some book holders. Well, unfortunately, none of the options I saw available online were nice enough to suit my fancy, or were cheap enough to appease my wallet. So, naturally, I thought I'd just 3D print my own. So I went ahead, cracked open my favorite CAD software, and blam, realized I didn't have my 3D mouse from work. Well again, this is no problem, I'll just buy oneeee.... HOLY JESUS $300???

So I thought to myself, "Sure, I could just buy it for $300... but why not spend more than that in money and dedicate an unholy amount in engineer hourly rate to making my own?"

And thus, the OS3M mouse was born. 

With this post, I hereby pledge to not design these book-display-holder-things until I can do so with a complete OS3M mouse. 


kelvinA wrote 09/16/2022 at 19:26 point

Wow. That sounds like Fornjot's dev trying to implement the Union operation. 

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noughtnaut wrote 09/12/2022 at 17:41 point

What a sincere pledge! Please accept an ICYDA award (I commend your dedication award ... award).

I personally don't (or, should as I say, am not aware that I) have a need for such a mouse, but it sure sounds fascinating. Good luck!

(PS! Lovely collection you have there. I myself only have the Loop. Simon really nailed the 70's-in-Sweden look.)

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