Component Modification

A project log for Luggable Cyberdeck

Watercooled MATx build with built in goodies for plug-n-play computing and art.

TraceSpazerTraceSpazer 10/03/2022 at 03:130 Comments

While that was going on, I needed to make ready the parts scrounged to be cross-compatible. 
The radiator on the left needed to undergo a transformation from being used in an AIO (All-in-one) with proprietary sizes to standard watercooling sizes. So the hoses were cut off and threads readied for G1/4 bspt fittings.

Cut, drilled and tapped...

But then I found out the connectors needed more clearance, and accidentally ground too deep while creating some...

So that was remedied with Epoxy putty.

The other radiator, which was supposed to be easier (requiring only cleaning) somehow became problematic as well...

To get this oxidation out, I threw it in the ultrasonic cleaner at 50 degrees C.

It worked wonders for the oxidation! But, kind of stripped the paint off the device as well.

A similar treatment (With colder settings) were used in conjunction with liberal application of a toothbrush to clean the used waterblock I found relatively cheap.

And after:

The screws and orings were thrown in for a shorter amount of time and then washed with soap.