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    Building a F-23 Rapteur - A1 5th or 6th-generation DARPA Superjet.

    Step #1: Find and locate a simple cardboard box. Note: depending on the size of the product you desire to build will influence the actual box size as selected.

    Step #2: Search on the world wide web for images of the F-22 Raptor Jet which inspired the design of this design work -- RC Model.

    Step #3: Download or capture images of the jet: i.e., front-side, rear-side, starboard-side, aport-side plus the underbelly-side, and an aerial perspective.

    Step #4: Make sure you have an Exacto Knife with substantive blades, glue, Krazy Glue, pen, pencil, ruler, and cutting board.

    Step #5: After printing out the images of the various photographic angles of the jet then cut them out with scissors.

    Step #6: Glue each cut-out piece onto the cardboard.

    Step #7: Cut out the cardboard shape.

    Step #8: Determine where the vital folds are to be made.

    Step #9: Determine which piece is to connect with its counterpart.

    Step #10: Glue the pieces together.

    Step #11: Paint the final completed craft.

    Step #12: If so choose, attach decals.

    Step #13: Congratulations. A completed piece of aeronautical workmanship!