Momentary button grief

A project log for Standing desk remote control

Control multiple desks over wifi

lion-mclionheadlion mclionhead 09/17/2022 at 23:350 Comments

The dial seems at the point of diminishing returns.  The momentary buttons rub against the standoffs & the top panel.  It's never going to be perfect because the layers cross the path of motion.

The clunkiness, clickiness & heft of this remote control reminds lions of Jack Godell's remote control in The China Syndrome.  It only appeared for a few frames & was meant to convey how affluent the nuclear power industry was, at the expense of safety.

He only clicked it once & it sounded like an explosion.  A remote control was a serious luxury in 1979.  They plucked reeds in those days.  The sound of the reed triggered a mechanical resonator in the TV.  

2 TV's were shown in Godell's condo, both 1972 models.  The days of 41 year old Jane Fonda on the airwaves are over, but lions remember.  The days of women over 40 on anything are over.