A project log for Standing desk remote control

Presets & range for multiple desks

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 11/30/2022 at 18:560 Comments

There would be a benefit to having global voice controlled presets or maybe a clapper.  All the desks & the air vent would go to predefined positions for voice commands like "general quarters" & "lights out".  There really are just those 2 commands.  Even better is if the lights & the fan were controlled by the same command, in which case it's complete home automation including furniture.  It would be easiest to do with an apartment wide IR blaster.  

The paw controller could be doing a whole lot better, in itself.  There should be some tests with omnidirectional LEDs & more power.

The paw controller is so directional, the thought has occurred of getting rid of the dial & just having  universal codes.  In practical use, it always has to be pointed at the right desk.  The 1st priority might be making it omnidirectional.  If it can't be made omnidirectional, it should abandon the dial.  Making it omnidirectional seems unlikely.