RF Remote completion

A project log for Standing desk remote control

Control multiple desks over wifi

lion-mclionheadlion mclionhead 05/23/2023 at 02:330 Comments

Power consumption for the controller ended up at 40mA.  You can fly to the moon on that much power.  It definitely needs a removable battery.  

It took a lot of fenegling to get the hall effect sensor in the right position, but the predicted position in CAD ended up correct.  It really needs a recessed position with PLA rivets.  It should be noted the sensor position is right in the center of the package so that's the part which needs to go on top of the fiducial.

Then the CAD program can give an idea of where the magnets are going to line up.

The LED showed the startup delay was caused by the PIC rather than the radio.  The PIC's startup timer didn't make any difference.

It wasn't easy to cram everything in there.  The only battery that would fit was a 150-200mAh from a nanomister, with a tiny stub of a connector bodged on.  Most of the space was taken up by the radio.  The hall effect sensor platform could be redesigned to free up space.

Time for more shots before scratching it up.

It could use some adhesive feet on the bottom, but the bottom is much easier to fabricate than the top.

The next task was creating all the ESP8266 receivers.