A project log for Standing desk remote control

Control multiple desks over wifi

lion-mclionheadlion mclionhead 06/07/2023 at 23:010 Comments

The next big desire is a way to precisely move in the minimum increments.  This was hard to do with the manufacturer's button pad.  It's impossible with the latency of the wifi remote.  There could be a button combination which made the receiver pulse an amount known to move the minimum distance.  This would entail building a new remote from scratch.  An 8th button would enable nudge mode. 

There were ideas of using the S button, but if the desk picks up the S button, it rejects the direction buttons for several seconds.  There could be an extra delay before transmitting S.  If it picks up a simultaneous direction button during the delay, go into nudge mode.  For cases where the user really wants to press S, the extra time required to see the LED flash might be hardly noticeable on top of the wifi latency.  The user already has to wait for the LED to flash to go into S mode.

A long press to go into S mode might improve the experience, since it's prone to accidentally being pressed & can overwrite a preset.  There's still a need for the user to not press the direction button before S.  That would always cause it to go into normal direction mode.

Maybe it could be a 2 step process where the user presses both direction buttons simultaneously, then releases 1 before the other.  This is very complicated compared to a single step.

It occurred to the lion kingdom that conventional IR remotes avoid glitches causing double presses by transmitting the button code once, followed by a repeating pulse.  If it drops a few packets, it knows it's not a 2nd press because it doesn't get the button code again.  The problem is if it misses the button code, there's no 2nd chance.

The unique ID that the desk controller uses is also required for the wireless GU24 bulb & every user interface toggle.