Taking shape

A project log for Lattepanda 3 Delta Recording Rig

A Solution for a compact yet feature-rich recording setup to perform multitrack recording and simple editing, sharing and streaming.

Craig HissettCraig Hissett 01/18/2023 at 17:190 Comments

I've done some messing around with software over the last few weeks, and now it was time to take a look at finally putting together the hardware. It has, today, been strewn across a cupboard in no sensible formation.

I've mulled over many options for the build, and was pretty keen on procuring a rack flightcase to put the items together; the interfaces occupying 1U space each using some rackmounts I've had printed, and a further 1u drawer for the lattepanda, tablet and control surfaces etc.

That becomes quite unwieldy when drawers need sliding out and will take up a great amount of space. It also leaves no room for mic storage, so would require another case for those. Not ideal.

I have put together the following items above; one interface, the lattepanda, the control surface and a surface 3 plus dock. It fits together so snuggly and retains an almost laptop-like form factor. I'm going to look to build a board with shelf to fit this guise.