Migrate to M5Stack Core2

A project log for Galdeano handheld computer

It is a python handheld computer with a complete keyboard and a symbolic math engine inside it.

Angel CabelloAngel Cabello 09/25/2022 at 18:300 Comments

Micropython LVGL is compatible with Core2, the Eigenmath math engine is already compiled for esp32, so can our software runs in it? how many modifications are needed to get it working?

The quick answer is yes it can run. And we only need to add a new driver to the keyboard. We use faces keyboard. It is a matrix button and it has a microcontroller to check if a button is pressed. The software is a bit difficult to read, but it communicates the key pressed using an i2c bus. It is also a bit tricky, when we start the bus (Pin 21 and 22) the touchpad sends warning messages. Both devices share the same bus, so the solution is to init the touchpad and copy the buss to use it. The old keyboard driver initiated all the IO pins, so it also broke the i2c bus, it is necessary to delete this old driver. Scanning the bus we get the keyboard address, 0x08, and we can read every 300 milliseconds if a key is pressed.