Y Ddraig Fawr - A 68030 computer

A computer based on the Motorola MC68030 processor

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Y Ddraig Fawr, The Big Dragon.

An updated version of my Y Dddraig computer with a full 32-bit MC68030 processor. Similar in many ways but taking advantage of the improved speed and memory addresses available to the 68030.

This is the next Iteration of my Y Ddraig 6800 computer.


  • Motorola 68030 CPU running at up to 40Mhz
  • 1MB of Static RAM
  • 2 x 72-pin SIMM sockets
  • 2 Serial ports
  • PS/2 keyboard and mouse
  • IDE interface
  • Real-time clock
  • RTL8019AS ethernet controller
  • 4 x 32/16-bit expansion slots

While this is an extended version of my previous computer, i did want to keep comparability between the two where possible. Many of the same components are used which allows me to port existing code easily and the expansion slots have been expanded to 96-pin connector instead of the 64 pin on Y Ddraig. I chose the DIN 41612 connectors intentionally when I originally designed them so they could be extended if I ever designed a 32-bit computer. I've kept the original pinouts to keep comparability with the existing cards and I've used the additional pins to extend the 6803 signals and address and data buses.

Two XC95108 CPLDs are used. One fo the decoding logic and a second as the DRAM controller. Power is supplied using a standard ATX power supply.

Board has been designed and routed. Once I've verified the CPLD code and do some final checks on the design, the next step is to get the boards made and built up


Adobe Portable Document Format - 2.15 MB - 02/17/2023 at 14:51


  • PCB has arrived

    Stephen Moody02/17/2023 at 15:35 0 comments

    I ordered some boards from JLCPCB. I've ordered some missing surface mount parts but will start builing this up soon. Just need to write some code for the CPLD next.

    I also need a better way to take photos of this board, while the black PCB looks nice, it's not an easy one to take photos of.

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Avi Cohen Stuart wrote 12/06/2022 at 20:16 point

wow! that looks like a really nice 68030 project!

Currently working on my own 68030 as well. 

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