Project Log 3: Still Studying

A project log for Converting Inkjet printers into FDM 3D printers

Inkjets could be used as an FDM Resin 3D printer by replacing the ink by other fluids and adding a Z axis.

fulanodetailFulanoDetail 09/14/2022 at 01:470 Comments

Project Log: 3

22:42 hours - Brasilia Timezone - 13 of September

Unfortunately, you can't absorb every knowledge you need with a magic trick... As expected, the free online courses about mechatronics are... Not as good.

I'm still on the introduction, but they hired people that are not fluent on english to speak english and... Well... Good thing they have written their scripts, because I would be completely lost...

Finally I received news about the electronic scraps, and tomorrow I will go to my friend's house to take a neat PC case, cooling system and a broken smartphone.

Still no printers, but I think these are nice enough to be honest.