Project Log 6: Scrap! Scrap! Scrap!

A project log for Converting Inkjet printers into FDM 3D printers

Inkjets could be used as an FDM Resin 3D printer by replacing the ink by other fluids and adding a Z axis.

fulanodetailFulanoDetail 09/17/2022 at 01:100 Comments

Project Log 6:

22:04 hours - Brasilia Timezone - 16 of September - SCRAAAAAAAAP

Good night guys!

Today I finally got some electronic scrap!!!!

For now these are like, 3 fans, a copper heat pipe with a heating dissipator and a computer power supply with a "CX600". It has its own fan too, so I think it is probably a really powerful piece. It can be useful in future projects of mine.

Still no inkjet printers, but at least I'm happy to salvage some really good parts!