Project Log 7: Time is of the essence.

A project log for Converting Inkjet printers into FDM 3D printers

Inkjets could be used as an FDM Resin 3D printer by replacing the ink by other fluids and adding a Z axis.

fulanodetailFulanoDetail 09/18/2022 at 17:350 Comments

Project Log 7:

14:29 hourse - Brasilia Timezone - 18 of september

Dunno if someone cares, but I will start taking Saturdays and Sundays to do absolutely nothing. I'm getting absolutely exhausted from the work I'm doing (not this one, of course).

And to begin with, I received more work (which comes with more money), so I will start to let this project in the 2º plan (or the last of my priorities). Not to mention that more useful scrap is coming my way, and it will take time, some weeks, to be exact.

Which is kinda concerning for myself, because I have a terrible tendency to start and never finish my projects. Thus the reason I tried to make project logs every day, to keep myself focused on this project.

Nevertheless, I hope I keep going.